I love Amy Schumer, fancy hotels, Mexican cuisine and champagne (yes, the two together), and I’m not afraid to bust into a Taylor Swift ballad. When I am not obsessing over weddings, you can find me and my partner-in-crime Amado booking plane tickets and packing suitcases for big adventures-- our favorite adventure to date: Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. 

Bios can sometimes feel boring and stale to me. I would rather share a bit of my heart and history with you. Here’s what you should know about me: I am dedicated, spontaneous and in love with the world of weddings. 

The day after college I decided to take a wild chance and followed my boyfriend (now husband) out to California. There was barely any money in my bank account. I could fit my whole life into just a few suitcases. But I knew, more than anything, that I wanted to pursue event & wedding planning.

In the years ahead, I did it all. I worked for Royal Caribbean & Carnival cruise lines as their Wedding Coordinator. At the same time, I held a full time position as the Operations Manager at Velocity Sports Performance managing professional athletes day-to-day lives. Working as a Conference Events Planner as I planned my own wedding showed me my true passion was helping others prepare for their big day. So I woke up one morning, rolled over to my husband, and told him I was quitting my job and starting my own Wedding Planning company. He didn’t flinch. I put my two weeks notice in that day. I never looked back.

As the founder of Pure Whimsy Events, I am dedicated to planning experiences that merge together delicacy and timelessness. I want my couples be able to breathe and enjoy the process of creating a day to share their new commitment with those they love.